William is specialize in Mentoring & Life Coaching, working closely in one-on-one settings with individual in order to hone their skills. William is a certified behavioural coach as well as Inscape DiSC certified trainer, who has worked in training and development for the past 20 years. He specializes in executive presence, interpersonal communication skills, and emotional intelligence using a model of open and honest communication. William holds a MBA designation and currently understudy as a Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy Degree (N.D.).

William has also been featured in newspaper regarding “How Life coaching achieve success through Lifegame?” and invited as a guest speaker to share “How to unleash your VSHAPE potential in Network Marketing LiFEcareer™?” in FM95.8 and FM97.2 radio broadcast station and have extensive experience as a top coach and trainer. William is also currently appointed by Minister of Culture, Community and Youth, Mr. Tan Chuan Jin as a Deputy Director of The Registry of Marriages.

William has a passion to partner every potential entrepreneur to develop values, qualities and attributes that will transform their lives, and the lives of those around them. He believes every individual has his/her uniqueness potential which can be unleashed to his/her fullest.

Base on the belief mentioned above, William is greatly involve coaching individual to be successful in network marketing by his/her plus factor of LiFEcareer™ blueprint at the moment.

William 专长于一对一的个人督导与生活辅导的方式来磨练他们的技能。William是一位认证的行为分析师,以及Inscape DiSC培训师。他在过去20年从事培训和开发人力资源工作。他赋予行政管理,人际沟通和情绪管理之能力。William拥有工商管理硕士学位。目前则攻读传统自然疗法医师课程(N.D.)。

William 的访问也曾被刊登在报纸上,并介绍“如何通过生命游戏让生命督导取得成功?“ 不但如此,他也定时接受FM958(城市频道)和FM972(最爱频道)的邀请为电台嘉宾,分享“如何在网络营销事业中释放你的VSHAPE潜能?”William也同时被社区文化与青年部部长陈川仁先生委任为新加坡婚姻注册官。

William 乐意和每个潜在企业家合作开发改变生命的价值、品质和特质,以及在他们周遭的生命。他们深信每个人都能够发挥自己独特的的潜能。

基于上述信念,William 绝大部分时间投入在个别指导来协助他/她应用自己的事业蓝图在网络营销的领域中求取成功。

“With clarity and insight, William Sim exposits a comprehensive yet comprehensible framework for self-discovery and self-actualisation in this book. He guides and stimulates his readers to uncover their strengths, understand their potential and optimise their capabilities (abilities) to make informed and impactful decisions in their careers and the other areas of their lives as well.”
Executive Chairman, Ya Kun International Pte Ltd
“William Sim is absolutely right: You need to find the plus factor of the blueprint for your LiFEcareerTM! Here’s the tool to help you take your LiFE to the next level. This book acts as a guide to help you to discover your vision, strength, inner passion, abilities, personalities and experience in order to unleash your potential and purpose in your LiFE. Knowledge in this book helps, unleashing distributors’ potential, whether they are old or new. I highly recommend Find the Plus Factor for your LiFEcareerTM success. ”
Double Diamond Director, Jeunesse Global Holdings, LLC
"In this contemporaneous stressed, depressed and well dressed general community, this book sheds a ray of hope in understanding life by widening ones horizon. It serves as ones SWOT analysis and allows to approach life with well defined perspective and trajectory. This book is an definite and sincere attempt to take people closer to the art and science of good living"
Professor of Amity Global Institute