Dream to own a Globalize business like KFC

The Original KFC at Corbin, Kentucky

I love KFC and I dream to visit the original store in Kentucky, USA. I visited on March 2016 with about 3 hour drive from Louisville and the taste of original is really marvelous. You have to drive here and try it! I also dream to open a franchise in Myanmar and I applied but rejected. It is not only the high franchise fees and set up cost but they only select big players. Yes indeed, it is a very high investment with high risk but people dream to franchise it. But do you know, with today trend and technology, you can start a low investment of global business with almost no risk? If you are really hunger to succeed and with a low investment, you can realize your dream, If I can do it, so can you! Let us work it out together and journey together the road of your personal success.

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